Pamplemousse, or the French word for grapefruit, may seem to be a funny name for lovey animals!
Some of you, who are of an adult mindset, will immediately visualize the acidic fruit and its bitter taste. Others, who may have a more mischievous spirit, will imagine this word as a hug, a call to softness and warmth. Pamplemousse is a journey to your childhood heart, an introspection that will wake up the tender youthfulness sleeping within you.

Close your eyes… Breathe in its smell… Hold it against you… Feel your lovey softness… And let yourself be transported to the whimsical land of childhood insouciance.
Having a deep attachment to the French heritage, all Pamplemouse creations are 100% made in France.
Pamplemousse makes a point of honor to carefully choose each of its components and artisans. Each step of the production is meticulously performed in their workshop in order to best oversee the entire process and guarantee the fine quality of their products.